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Who has not found himself one day with his games scattered between several steam accounts?
Or several accounts for the same game (smurf, vac, that of a friend ...).
But hey it's painful to manage multiple accounts! ! !


September 1, 2020: Launch of the application in beta mode.

Purpose of the application

I am pleased to announce the launch of the CSGO copying's config.
To be brief, here is a small utility to make your life easier.
When you found your best settings in csgo you want to have the same on each accounts.
Copying will be done very fast.
Do not hesitate to send me your comments and suggestions.

Other cool points:
  • It is portable software, no need to install it on the pc, you can keep it on a Usb key.
  • If you have multiple PCs, even if Steam is not installed in the same location it will work.

  • Security

    Security point of view do not panic nothing is stored.
    No sending of your identifiers online.


    To download it is here:
  • Alpha version of test 0.0.1 download here
  • The format chosen is Zip because everyone has it (integrated into windows 10)
    You just have to unzip it in the folder where you want.


    No configfuration is nedded.
    In case of difficulty, refer to the Anomalies section.


    First, select in the list the original folder next select inthe second select list the aim folder.
    Then click on the "Lancer la copie" button and the job will be done in few seconds only.


  • No bugs detected.

  • Discord

    In case of need for installation, suggest or use come on our discord, a channel is dedicated to our appz

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